Welcome to Wadi Makkah Venture
WMV is constantly looking to invest in early stage startups within HiTech & Creative Industries in many sectors

Wadi makkah ventures is committed to investing in high tech hajj and umrah inventions on a worldwide scale to ensure smarter services are provided for its residents, with the overall aim of creating an easier hajj experience/journey.

To be the leading technology hub for hajj and umrah technologies worldwide.

Venture Capital

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Innovation in Hajj and Umrah

Transportation and crowd management


Health tech

Sustainable Development Goals

Prototyping and design



Fund I

Is the first fund established by Wadi Makkah Ventures Co. on 2015. The fund portfolio holds a number of successful startup investments. It was closed in 2017. Three of the fund holdings have managed to secure second rounds of investments.

Fund II

Was established by the Board of Directors' resolution on Dec 2018 for the purpose of investing in a seed, and early stage startups "incubated startups". The fund holds selected investment from the incubator program 2018 co-horts.

Fund III

Is a series A venture capital fund, which was established by the Board of Directors' resolution on Dec 2018 for the purpose of investing in innovative, and high-tech startups that operate in one of WMV focus areas. The fund was launched early 2019 and expected to close first round of investments in Q1 2019 with a selection of very promising startups.

Fund Directory

Fund Sponsors
Fund Manager
Legal Counsel
Fund Valuation Advisor
Fund Tax Advisor


Financial Support and Investment

Wadi Makkah Technology Company provides financial support and seed funding for the incubated companies besides linking them to individual investors and venture capital funds to ensure their growth and sustainability.

Joint Work space

We provide entrepreneurs and startup owners with joint workspaces in an environment that stimulates creativity.

Modeling Laboratory

Specialized laboratory which contain a number of modern equipment assisting entrepreneurs to constructing initial prototypes and manufacturing their products such as the 3D Printer, Laser cutter, CNC and etc.

Legal Consultations

To provide legal consultations for entrepreneurs by specialists and assist them in all legal aspects upon issuing commercial register and other related procedures.

Participation in the Local and International Forums

To provide the opportunity for the entrepreneurs and startups owners to attend the specialized local and international forums to exchange expertise and obtain skills.

Technical Consultations

To provide technical consultations for entrepreneurs by specialists and experts in the technical fields to ensure producing technology products of high quality.

Deal Flow

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Nomow Business incubator and Accelerator program 2019.








Chief Executive Officer Faisel Allaf
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Talal Almaghrabi
Assistant Fund Manager Business Development Manager Mohannad Mahdi
Incubator Program Manager
Mohammed Nwito
Project Manager
Basheer Basata
Entrepreneurial Community Marketing Specialist Maysar Jabr
Training Supervisor Esraa Ahmed
Fab-Lab Supervisor Said Eyaz
Administration Officer Mohammad Durrani
Marketing Specialist Dalal Alsharif

Board of Directors

Chairman Khalid Suleimani
Member Abdulaziz Jazzar
Member Khaled Feda
Member Aymen Sejiny
Member Osama Ashri